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Around Video Festival


40 solo shows

A round Video artfair and festival

Octobre 2020

L’événement A Round Video offrira à la rentrée 2020 un cadre pour présenter des œuvres vidéo d’artistes contemporains internationaux. La foire A Round Video sera le rendez-vous des professionnels de l’art contemporain, réunissant

galeries internationales, artistes, curateurs et collectionneurs, au coeur de trois journées de rencontres et de découvertes.

La foire et son programme représenteront le moment fort du festival qui s’organisera sur toute la Métropole Lilloise et la

région Hauts de France, et qui accueillera un riche programme d’installations et d’artistes, d’expositions et de visites

dans les institutions renommées de l’eurorégion.

A Round Video s’entoure de curateurs afin de dessiner une programmation de haute qualité, et d’offrir une envergure internationale à l’événement. A Round Video est situé au coeur de l’eurorégion entre Londres, Paris, Bruxelles, les Pays-Bas

et deviendra ainsi l’un des rendez-vous annuel des professionnels et des passionnés de l’art vidéo.






Lives and works in Barcelona (E)
Artist/curator working free-lance or as curator at large

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Recent exhibitions (as curator) : ‘SMALL FIRES’ (Jonathan Monk, Superflex, Ariel Schlesinger,
Kerin Cytter, Reynold Reynolds, Leo Copers, Thomas Galler, Ed Ruscha, Bruce Nauman) – Sint.
Lukas Gal. Brussels 2013 ; ‘THE STAR ALPHABET OF ELT MESENS – DADA; SURREALISM IN BRUSSELS, PARIS ; LONDON’ Muzee Oostende (Mesens, Satie, Picasso, Lee Miller, Man Ray, Picabia, Magritte, Nougé, De Chirico, Tanguy, Duchamp, Eileen Agar, Roland Penrose …) –
Muzee Ostend 2013/2014 ; ‘BEKLEIDUNG’ (Willem Oorebeek, Damien Hirst, Andy Warhol, John
Armleder, Mai-Thu Perret, Sarah Lucas, General Idea, Stefan Brüggemann, Sylvie Fleury, Jef
Geys, …) – Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam 2015 ; ‘SURREALISM & BEYOND’ (Duchamp,
Picabia, Magritte, Man Ray, Broodthaers, Robert Gober, Andro Wekua, The Cramps, Marcel
Mariën, Joan Brossa, Paul Nougé, Gavin Turk, Scott King …) – Museum Boijmans van
Beuningen Rotterdam/ Collection Von Bartha Basel 2016/2017 ; ‘MARCEL(S)’ (Broodthaers,
Duchamp, Mariën) – WARP Sint-Niklaas/Passatge Studio Barcelona 2017 ; ‘HOUSE’
(Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Eva Rothschild, Santiago Borja) – Huis Sonneveld Rotterdam
2017 ; ‘FANTASTIC ART IN BELGIUM’ (Bosch, Brueghel, Rubens, Rops, Khnopff, Ensor,
Magritte, Delvaux, Panamarenko, Broodthaers, Van Caekenbergh, Leo Copers, Luc Tuymans,
Jan Fabre, Michael Borremans, Thierry De Cordier …) – Tokyo/Utsinomiya/Kobe 2017 ;
‘RINEKE DIJKSTRA’ –  Museo  Picasso Barcelona 2017 ; ‘ARTHUR CRAVAN, MAINTENANT !’
(Cravan, Jack Johnson, Kees Van Dongen, Otto Lloyd, Picasso) – Museo Picasso Barcelona 2017 ;
‘SUPERSTITION’ (Germaine Kruip, Joanna Piotrowska, Nina Beier, Otto Berchem, Cerith Wyn
Evans, John Stezaker, Keren Cytter, Ulla Von Brandenburg, Stefan Brüggemann, Uri Geller,
Simon Dybbroe Moller, Joachim Koester, Pierre Bismuth …) – Marres Maastricht 2018 ;
‘ACCIDENTS NEVER HAPPEN’ artist run space Cluj 2018 ;’ ERWIN WURM’  – Museo Picasso Barcelona 2021 ; ‘SOMEONE WALKING AROUND ….’ (Germaine Kruip, Roman Ondak, Jiri
Kovanda, Nils Nova)- Fundacio Antoni Tapiès Barcelona 2019 ; ‘FLOW WITH THE TOW’
(Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen) – Art Miami ; ‘SHADOW TACTICS’ (Monica Bonvicini, Anna Dot,
Nora Turato, Aviva Silverman, Naama Tsabar) – Fundacio Tapiès Barcelona 2020 ; ‘FOWER IS
MY POWER’ (Leo Copers) – Gal. Carles Taché Barcelona 2020 ; ’THE SAME AS IT NEVER
WAS’ (Josep Maynou, Anna Dot, Eulalia Garcia, Enric Farres Duran, Carles Murillo) – Sint Lukas
Gal. Brussels/David Ben Ari Art Museum  2020 ; ’THE DRAWING LESSON’ – Museu de Paper de
Capellades 2020

Julia cistiakova (LT)

Lives and works between Zurich, Vilnius , Montpellier and Zurich (CH)
Artistic Director /curator working free-lance or as curator at large

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Julia Cistiakova, graduate of the School of Curatorial Practices Ecole du Magasin in Grenoble, France,
and holding a Master of Visual Arts degree at the Academy of Fine Arts of Vilnius, is currently an
artistic director of the IN SITU–Heritage and Contemporary Art project in Occitania region, France.
From 2017 till 2020 she has been directing Contemporary Art Space in Privas, France. During her
career she organized numerous exhibitions internationally. She has been curating annual program for
La Box in Bourges, CAC Vilnius, Performa in New York, DIENSTGEBÄUDE Art Space in Zürich, and
various venues in Moscow, to name a few. Since 2018, she is a member of the Administration Council
of the LUX–National Contemporary and Performative Arts Center in Valence, France. Julia Cistiakova
is also a co-author of the book Harald Szeemann. Individual methodology, JRP|Ringier, 2008, and a
number of catalogs. She lives and works between Zürich, Paris, Vilnius, and Montpellier.


Lives and works in Brussels (B)
Collector /curator working free-lance or curator for lmno since 2016

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Christophe Veys is a collector under the name of Veys-Verhaevert Collection until 1993.
Art historian, he is teacher of contemporary Art at Mons Art history school. He is also
programmer of la Galerie.artsaucarré until 2019 . He was one of the founder of’ « les
témoins oculiste » association and of« Galerie Porte 11 » and Galerie « Olivari-Veys ».
He is resident curator of Lmno galerie until 2016 . Regulary his curatory practice has
for object the visibility of his collection : « 3 collectionneurs autrement », été 78,
Bruxelles (2014), « La collection invisible » in : « Private choices, 11 brussellers
collections of contemporary  art» (2017) at the Centrale for contemporary art, « Lost
and fund. collections Edgard F. Grima & Veys-Verhaevert », Hangar, Bruxelles (2020) et
«Tomber en amour », Maison des Arts de Schaerbeek (2020)

Alfredo Cramerotti (IT)

curator / director of Mostyn center  Wales

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Alfredo Cramerotti is a writer, curator and broadcaster. He is Director of MOSTYN, Wales; Head Curator of APT Global–Artist Pension Trust; Associate Curator of CCANW (Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World); and Advisor to the British Council Visual Arts Acquisition Committee and the Art Institutions of the 21st Century Foundation. Amongst others, his curatorial endeavors include three national pavilions at the Venice Biennale, and the biennials Sequences VII Reykjavik, Iceland (2015) and Manifesta 8, Region of Murcia and Cartagena, Spain (2010). He serves as Vice-President of AICA (International Association of Art Critics) and is member of the IKT (International Association of Art Critics) and CIMAM (International Committee for Museums and Collections of Modern Art), part of ICOM. He is Editor of the Critical Photography book series since 2009, and his own publications include Forewords: Hyperimages and Hyperimaging (2018), Unmapping the City: Perspectives of Flatness (2010) and Aesthetic Journalism: How to Inform without Informing (2009).

Gregory Lang (FR)

Lives and works in Brussels and Paris (FR)
Producer/Curator working free-lance or as a curator at large

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Gregory Lang is a curator and art consultant with 25 years of experience working with private collections and institutions. He founded Solang Production in 2008 to stimulate and develop projects linking artists, the art scene and market.

Closely engaged with artists, curators and collectors in their creative process and research, Gregory co-produces exhibitions, installations, site specific works, films, and editions.

Among current film productions are ‘Hello, Are We in the Show?’ by Denicolai & Provost, ‘Invisible Cities’ tetralogy by Pierre Jean Giloux, ‘Krach Audition’ by Alexandre Perigot, ‘Anarchism Without Adjectives: On the Work of Christopher D’Arcangelo’, and ‘Bernard Heidsieck, Poésie action’. New collaborations are in progress with artists Marc Buchy and Matan Mittwoch.

The next exhibition to come will display a selection of artists’ works over 10 years of acquisition by the collector Frédéric de Goldschmidt during Art Brussels.
Recent museum exhibitions include ‘GIGANTISME – Art & Industrie’ as a co-guest curator for the first Dunkirk Triennial at FRAC Grand Large and LAAC museum, ‘James Lee Byars, part III’ at Museum Bojmans van Beuningen, in Rotterdam, ‘Artists and Architecture, Variables dimensions’ at Pavillon de l’Arsenal, in Paris, and MAAT, in Lisbon. Non-profit spaces and galleries’ exhibitions include ‘Fernanda Fragateiro and Carlos Bunga: a conversation on lines’ at FdG projects, ‘Slice and Dice’ at Irène Laub Gallery, ‘Invisible Cities’ for FWB at Art Brussels, ‘Xerox’ and ‘Modus Operandi’ at Société-d-électricité, ‘A year without image’ at Anima Ludens’, in Brussels, ‘Untitled (Monochrome), 1957-2017’ at Richard Taittinger Gallery, in New York, ‘Wanderings’ at Cristina Guerra, in Lisbon. 


Actively involved with artists and architecture, site specific installations, and publications, Gregory collaborated with Collection Intégration d’une oeuvre d’art – Fédération-Wallonie-Bruxelles (FWB), and participated  to juries and commissions such as the CNAP committee: ‘artist support for research and production’.

Valerie chartrain (FR)

Lives and works in Paris and Berlin (G)
Editor, Publisher, and Curator working free-lance

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Valerie Chartrain (France/Germany) is a curator with an affinity for time-based and discursive
practices, editor, publisher, and writer focusing on contemporary art, fine craft beverages and spirits,
and probable futures. When not in the art world, she writes about spirits, curates knowledge in the
wine and spirits industry. organizes masterclasses and seminars while working as a strategic
researcher for companies to help them imagining and shaping their futures accurately.

Julian Ross (NL)

researcher, curator and writer based in Amsterdam.

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Julian Ross is a researcher, curator and writer based in Amsterdam. He is a Programmer at International Film Festival Rotterdam, selection committee member at Locarno Film Festival and Assistant Professor at Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society (LUCAS). His curatorial projects have been presented in Tate Modern, Art Institute of Chicago, Kunsthal Rotterdam, BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Eye Filmmuseum, Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Anthology Film Archives, Harvard Film Archives, British Film Institute, Light Industry and other places. His recent publications include book chapters in The Japanese Cinema Book (BFI, forthcoming), A Companion to Experimental Film (Wiley-Blackwell, forthcoming) and America: Films from Elsewhere (2019, The Shoestring Press).

Dorothée Dupuis (FR)

Independent curator, writer and publisher
Mexico City

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Dorothée Dupuis (née en 1980 à Paris) est commissaire d’exposition, critique d’art et éditrice d’art contemporain. Sa pratique se concentre principalement sur l’intersection des arts et de la politique, et s’inspire des théories féministes, post-marxistes et décoloniales. Dupuis est la directrice et fondatrice (2013) du magazine, basé à Mexico. Avant de déménager à Mexico en 2012, elle a été directrice de Triangle France, un programme d’exposition et de résidence à but non lucratif à Marseille, en France, de 2007 à 2012, et assistante-conservatrice au Centre Pompidou de 2005 à 2007. Depuis 2012, Dupuis est commissaire indépendante et a écrit sur l’art des Amériques autant dans Terremoto que dans des publications internationales.

Each one will curate a section of 4 – 5 galleries

Selection Committee

Edith Dekyndt

Artist / Brussels / Berlin

Olivier Gevart

Collector / Brussels

Gabriel Nallet

Collector / Grenoble

Sébastien Delot

LAM Museum Director

Nathalie Cohen

Collector / Paris

Pascale Pronnier

Director at Fresnoy / Tourcoing

Dorith Galuz

Collector / Paris

Mélanie Rondeau

Gallery Owner / Paris

Alain Servais

Collector / Brussels

They will select the second half of the participating galleries

Participating Galleries

Call for Participation

JANUARY 7th > March 1st

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A Round  Video Festival and VIP Tour


A Round  Video Festival and VIP Tour

Le FRESNOY Studio National


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Moxy Lille City Center
3 Rue Jean Bart, 59000 Lille, France


Open Hours

Daily: 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.